Archaeology and tourism in Tiwanaku

The enigmatic ruins of Tiahuanaco

Much has been written and speculated about Tiwanaku, an ancient pre-Hispanic civilization whose archaeological ruins are reason for visit and study throughout the year.

This archaeological site arouses the passions of all who visit, from professionals who perform detailed work, to the general public, who intrigues us to know and learn about these ruins.

Some writers claim that the inhabitants of Tiahuanaco were giants and others say they came from outer space.

There is certainly more scientific information that sheds theories about what happened on this site, from its origin to its end, but a lack of awareness and the ruins still contain many mysteries.

In a place that has so much cultural richness associated with a long period of existence of almost 2500 years, we inevitably feel the energies that transmit their monuments and monoliths, because important events occurred there.

Its inhabitants left footprints, left messages through their symbols, they showed us their artistic ability through its sculpture, its pottery, its tissues. Their culture is great.

Historical records show the great interest raised the discovery of these ruins, hundreds of years ago and in the last century.

The ruins offer you the chance to understand the pre-Hispanic past.

Tourism at the ruins

An unforgettable ride

If you get a chance to visit this mystical place, with friends, with family or alone, we offer you useful information for your travel logistics.

We also offer the option of seeing beautiful places in this area with the pictures we took at this site.

We'll take you through the ruins with a guided tour with photos, so you have an idea of what you'll see when you get here in Tiwanaku.

And if you have any questions, we want you to feel confident to ask for what you want through this contact form.

Tiwanaku is the mystical place enjoyed by any visitor wanting to find something new in the world.

Information about Tiwanaku

References to researchers

If you ever walked into Internet looking for information on these ruins, surely you’ll find hundreds of pages.

There is plenty of documentation on this culture, making it a difficult task to know where to start.

One of the common obstacles that we find on the internet is to know the reliability of the information we find. Is it true what we were reading? Where did this information come from?

When we find references to what we read, the sources of the articles, the author, etc., it is inevitable not to have doubts about the content.

We hope you find this site useful. Definitely the best way to learn about TIwanaku is reading information from the researchers in the field.

This website gives you references to different sources. It was no easy task as because the number of books, articles, papers, etc., is huge, but we try to sort all this a bit general to meet the needs of stakeholders.

Web pages are arranged thematically to help you find information more easily.


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