Tiwanaku photos


The road to the plateau and the ruins area are magnificent and scenic overlooks.

A beautiful view of the Cordillera of La Paz (which belongs to the Cordillera Oriental or Real), in the background the Huayna Potosi.

From the road in the distance you can see the snowcapped most emblematic and spectacular city of La Paz (and Bolivia), Illimani, which also belongs to the Cordillera of La Paz.

The road is paved and runs Tiwanaku heavy transport, so you drive with caution.

Arrival at the entrance to the town and the ruins. These monuments are called "Las Marcas" and were designed by the bolivian artist Gaston Ugalde.

A view of the village of Tiwanaku, from the road to the ruins.

Facade of the Church in the town square.

One of the entrances to the archaeological museum of Tiwanaku

Inner courtyard of the Museum.

Main entrance to one of the rooms of the museum.

Partial view of the archaeological site of Tiwanaku, you can see part of a side wall of the temple of Kalasasaya.

South wall of the temple of Kalasasaya.

The "llama", typical animal of the bolivian plateau



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