Tiwanaku historical archives

The thrill of seeing historical documents


Tiwanaku is a very important part of a cultural past in the region of the Andes and is important to know the history of their discovery through the archives.

Behind this current archaeological site, now we see it simply as a stone ruins, there is a whole rich history of events and characters that gave the world the existence of an ancient civilization.

It would thrill you to read the report of the discovery of Tiwanaku culture, by the Spanish chronicler Cieza de León. The writing reflects the excitement and astonishment.

View historical photographs of early French scientific mission in 1903 led by the French explorer Créqui-Montfort will help you understand how exciting it must have been excavated and documented for the first time the ruins that were to be known worldwide.

In this historical news of Tiwanaku, we acknowledge the historical context of their discovery, which happened in Bolivia and the world. These old images are one of the most interesting things.

It has another meaning seeing black and white photos of people and past places.

These old images are simply priceless.



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