Tiwanaku Bolivia

An extraordinary pre-Hispanic civilization


The history of Tiwanaku is a topic of ongoing research around the world. Man evolved thousands of years to what it is today. And in the past must have been propitious places for their development.

It is not possible to believe that it has existed only in Europe or Asia or has originated, in the past, the first man, or the first men of history.

Posnansky believed that the topic of immigration from other places in the world, by the Bhering Strait, for example, is something that has not happened, since he said that the number of inhabitants, in America, was enormous and wanting to justify all this population, with emigration was not enough.

Front of the book "Tihuanacu, the cradle of american man", of Arthur Posnansky, one of the first researchers who devoted almost 50 years of his life to document with lots of photos and graphics of these ruins.). On this website you will see many pictures of his work.

Thus begins his book "Tihuanacu, the cradle of the American man" trying to show us that the antiquity of the appearance of people in the world not only was in Europe or Asia, but also, and at the same time, in America.

One of those places must have been the Andean plateau, an area with good climate and environment that allowed the establishment of a group of people, and a less severe characteristics place to live, as opposed to the present day.

Studies and geological observations show that in the past the Andean plateau was not at the level of altitude that is now.

The geology of the Earth shows that it must have been to levels close to the sea. This fact enabled the climate being benign in this area and suitable to facilitate the development of the Tiwanaku culture.

Likewise Tiwanaku was developed as a large pre-Columbian State, as ensures Ponce Sanjines, opposite direction to another investigator (Bennett), who denied the existence of such a State, ensuring that Tiwanaku was only a ceremonial center, in a minimalist conception of the topic.

Culturally the Tiwanaku civilization had its manifestation in all areas that make a society, from the sciences, which we observe in their knowledge of engineering, to build their temples and their knowledge of the movement of the stars, to the arts, which we observe in their ceramics and sculptures.

Is there a lot to find out about Tiwanaku and one of the biggest concerns is the subject of its disappearance.

In any case, what is the antiquity of Tiwanaku? What is its origin? and does that the name Tiwanaku mean?

And for an overview of this vast subject, it will be useful to know its chronology, its contributions to the world, and a summary of the information that we offer of these ruins

Tiwanaku is a Cultural Heritage of Mankind

Tiwanaku Bolivia



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Who built Tiwanaku

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