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The archaeological ruins of Tiwanaku and his people welcome the arrival of thousands of visitors from all over the world, throughout the year.

It is a cute place to ride whose location is close to the city of La Paz, in Bolivia, with very easy access, as you can see in these maps.

You can enjoy a nice walk in Tiwanaku throughout the year. However, in winter season, which begins in June, yuo can get photographs with radiant skies.

In Tiwanaku, in winter, the day and night sky, is very clear and clean, except in June 21, which by the Aymara New Year festivities, the archaeological site is filled with smoke from the many fires that they are lit at the previous night.

If you want to, you can hire tour guides in the site so that they show and explain you what you are seeing in the ruins.

It is a leisurely stroll from about 3 hours you will enjoy intensely. The archaeological site is open year-round, although the rainy season (November to March) reduces the number of visits.

 There is a museum where you will see the objects found in the ruins and in which you can relax and refresh yourself in their bathrooms.

And so you go prepared with the family or with friends, it is useful that you read these travel recommendations first.

If you visit Tiahuanaco enjoy a relaxing walk in an area of blue skies, clean air and gentle breezes.

Recommendations when you visit this archaeological site

You'll find a great choice of sightseeing in Tiahuanaco. The ruins are magnificent and you will enjoy your ride.

But like any archaeological site, the ruins are delicate, they are hundreds of years old, and we must avoid any physical contact with them.

Tiahuanaco travel



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