Guided trip with photos of Tiwanaku


If one day you decide to visit Tiwanaku, this virtual tour with photos will give you a good idea of what you'll see.

The following image shows you the map of location of the ruins.

The Akapana pyramid is in phase of excavation. A process that will last for quite some time. So surely many of the photos that we show here of this ruin, may now not be equal when you see it itself.

What will I find in Tiwanaku?

On your tour you will see the “Civic Ceremonial Area” of Tiwanaku. This area was the sacred place where religious ceremonies were performed.

It is composed of: the Akapana pyramid, the Kalasasaya Temple, the Semisubterráneo Temple, Kantatallita, Putuni, Kerikala and Lakakollu.

At 500 metres to the Southwest is another ruin called Puma Punku.

You can also visit the Museum where is the Bennett monolith, lithic pieces and ceramics. This monolith originally stood on the Temple. 

If you wish to buy souvenirs, craftsmen of the area have much to offer you. You'll find them on the outskirts of the ruins and also in town of Tiwanaku.

Tour in Tiwanaku

Near the ruins of Tiwanaku, you can find an interesting Museum which you can enter by paying. It has bathrooms so you can cool down a bit.

Walking through the ruins half day with cloudless sky, can be exhausting. Carry some snacks, a good amount of water or soft drinks, and some light food. Don't forget sunscreen, and a hat or a cap. Bring warm clothes, if you decide to stay until the sunset, you will start getting cold. 

Nearby the ruins you can find the town of Tiwanaku. You can go to sit in the main square and enter the Church. If you want to eat out there, do it, there are places where you will find a good meal.

Of course don't forget to bring your camera or videocamera. Not to have memories of this trip is absolutely unforgivable.

Now, let’s take a walk through the ruins



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